Showing Possessions – Online Games

Click on the pictures to play!

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Rumpelstiltskin video

Here’s the video I’ve shown you in class – Rumpelstiltskin.  You can watch it again and listen to the story.

As I told you in class, the story is similar to the one you’ve got on the Maltese Comprehension handout.

Here’s the link:

Did you like the story?

Past Tense Online Game

English Test .. Study the regular and the irregular forms of the past tense.

Test will take place next TUESDAY


Click on the picture to practice the past tense verbs !!

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The slippers that talked

Here I’m posting a video of the comprehension text The slippers that talked.  This was a project which I did with my class back then, 2 years ago.  

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Show and Tell … 2

After having Show and Tell sessions in Maltese and in English, we will have another 2 sessions.  We will start the Maltese Sessions as from next week, as you all know thanks to the note which I’ve given to the parents.  This is a reminder of your dates:

Maltese Session


Tuesday 13th March – Ablett Kelsey

                                  Attard Jethro


Thursday 15th March – Azzopardi Kelsey Jo

                                    Azzopardi Sonique

                                    Bugeja Nigel


Tuesday 20th March – Carabott Jessica

                                   Cauchi Leander


Thursday 22nd March – D’Emanuele Ileah Kay

                                    Debono Jamie


Tuesday 17th April – Fenech Warren

                                Grima Sergio


Thursday 19th April – Micallef Neil

                                 Mifsud Jesahel



Wednesday 25th April – Pirotta Nigen

                                     Pirotta Kelsey


Thursday  26th April – Schembri Matthew

                                   Stone Shaun


Tuesday 30th April – Zahra Aylon

                                Zammit Kylie


I’m eager to listen to what you will all prepare for us.  Have fun 🙂

Show and Tell – English

Again, we had more Show and Tell sessions this week.  The children enjoy these moments so much because apart from presenting themselves, they are getting to know each other even more.  


This week, we had Kelsey Pirotta who talked to us about her Nintendo,

Matthew did a presentation about the things that he likes to do the most,

Shaun brought his goldfish and explained its story to us,

Aylon talked to us about his family members

and Kylie did a presentation about herself.  

Well done to all 🙂 

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Show and Tell – English

This week we had more show and tell sessions.  

Jesahel talked to us about her Smurfs cards,

Neil did a presentation about Social Empires,

Nigen talked to us about his favourite hobby, football

and Sergio brought his turtle in class and told us about its life.

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