Hello !!

Hello !!!

X’qed tagħmlu sabiħ dan is-sajf?  Kif qed tqattgħu l-ħin?  Nispera li xorta qegħdin taqraw ftit bl-Ingliż u ftit bil-Malti kuljum.  

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Hi everyone !!! 

This is Matthew’s new blog:  http://kidsfightingentertaiment.wordpress.com/

I’m already missing you xxxx Happy Holidays and HAVE FUN XXXX

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Coming to an end …

I can’t believe that this year is already over.  I can still remember my first post for you telling you about what Year 4 will be about.  I feel that this was a great year for all of us.  Thanks for the wonderful times we spent together.   I also hope that you have enjoyed watching the DVD’s which I have given you last week.  I’m sure that you will appreciate them even more when you grow older.  I was proud to be your teacher.  


Thanks also for the card which you have given me yesterday.  I loved reading your comments.  I will never forget you 🙂  

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I wish you the best of luck in your exams next week.  Make sure that each one of you gives his/her own very best.  

A special thanks goes to you, parents, for your cooperation this year and to our LSA, Ms. Maria, who have helped us a lot throughout the year.  I’m sure that this will be a year to remember, Ms. Maria 🙂

Make sure that we keep in touch this summer.  Log onto the blog some time or another 🙂 xxx

Thanks to all of you xxx

21st June, 2012

1.  Tomorrow – Get all the 4 tests (eng, malti, rel, social) with you so that we do a class correction of all.  Sign them please.  

2.  Get any difficulties so that I explain them for you.  

3.  STUDY!!

20th June, 2012

1.  Maths – PP 2012 Sample – p. 1 – 4  

2.  Tomorrow – MATHS TEST

3.  STUDY !!!!

4.  Tomorrow – 4 Maths books, Religion

19th June, 2012

1.  Maths – P. Paper 2010 p. 9 – 11

2. Maths – Handouts (Time) on them  

3. Tomorrow – Religion Test  

4.  STUDY !!!!

5.  Tomorrow – Way Ahead Pupil’s Book, Senduq kuluri, Senduq Buffuri, Denfil, Klikk.

18th June, 2012

1.  Maths – PP 2010 p. 5 – 8  

2.  Eng – Dolphins writing (on copybook)

3.  Tomorrow – English Test

4.  STUDYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15th June, 2012

1.  Maths – PP 2010 p. 1 – 4

2.   Eng – PP 2010 p. 11 – 12  

3.  Eng – ho (on it)  

4.  Study Day 30  

5.  Monday – Maltese Test