Show and Tell … 2

After having Show and Tell sessions in Maltese and in English, we will have another 2 sessions.  We will start the Maltese Sessions as from next week, as you all know thanks to the note which I’ve given to the parents.  This is a reminder of your dates:

Maltese Session


Tuesday 13th March – Ablett Kelsey

                                  Attard Jethro


Thursday 15th March – Azzopardi Kelsey Jo

                                    Azzopardi Sonique

                                    Bugeja Nigel


Tuesday 20th March – Carabott Jessica

                                   Cauchi Leander


Thursday 22nd March – D’Emanuele Ileah Kay

                                    Debono Jamie


Tuesday 17th April – Fenech Warren

                                Grima Sergio


Thursday 19th April – Micallef Neil

                                 Mifsud Jesahel



Wednesday 25th April – Pirotta Nigen

                                     Pirotta Kelsey


Thursday  26th April – Schembri Matthew

                                   Stone Shaun


Tuesday 30th April – Zahra Aylon

                                Zammit Kylie


I’m eager to listen to what you will all prepare for us.  Have fun 🙂


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