A Nightmare – Jethro Attard

Last year, I found myself in an old room with many spiders on the roof. It was dark and cold and the wind was roaring.

I was running very fast and hiding behind a huge tree. Someone was chasing me. When I stopped, I found myself in a very scary room and there were lots of doors with spiders. Then I found a big door and opened it. I found an ugly man and he was going to kill my friends. I went behind the ugly man and I knocked him over and killed him. I helped my friends to get out of the room. My friends thanked me. Then, when my friends and I got out of there, we saw lots of scary trees. When my friends and I moved behind the trees, one of the trees came to talk to me. It told me that it wanted to play with me and my friends.

Suddenly I woke up with a start, because my mum wanted me to go shopping with her. I felt over the moon with joy because it was just a dream. It was a beautiful adventure but I don’t want to be part of this dream anymore!  

Jethro Attard


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