A Nightmare – Matthew Schembri

I was in the bathroom on a terrifying night.  It was dark, cold and cloudy.  There was a thunder storm and it was raining heavily.  No one was outside.  I don’t know why.

My friends and I ran as fast as we could.  We hid behind the curtains to hide from the scary, ugly and big monster.  I saw the one and only, Freddy Krueger!  First he threw a dead person on Jethro.  Then Krueger killed him and blood came everywhere.  Jethro’s body was carried by Krueger.  He threw the body outside.  Neil hid in the cooker.  Krueger noticed that.  Neil didn’t move a single muscle.  Freddy was hungry so he cooked Neil.  So that left me, Jamie, Leander and Shaun.  Shaun got trapped in the toilet.  Freddy knocked him out in the toilet.  Krueger flushed Shaun.  Shaun ended up in the sewer.  Leander fell down the stairs.  Freddy shredded his body into million pieces.  Jamie hid in the grandfather clock.  Freddy changed the time.  The clock rang.  Freddy was holding Jamie.  I punched Freddy and Jamie escaped. 

A strange voice from Freddy filled up my mind.  It was my dad’s voice.  I woke up with a start.  I went outside and saw shredded shirts hung to the clothes line.  Was it Krueger?  Who knows?  Maybe it was a cat.  

Matthew Schembri


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