A Nightmare – Neil Micallef

Once up on a time, I was on the scary island.  There were tall and small trees, scary houses  and dead people.  It was dark.  There was a scary moon with big eyes, a large nose and the biggest mouth in the world.  The floor was full of mud and there were people with scary masks.  Then I saw the rain coming into my eye.

I was looking at the houses when I saw a door.  I was with my friends Jamie, Jethro, Matthew, Warren, Shaun and Leander.  I was the leader.  Then a scary guy came with a knife.  He tried to kill us.  Shivers ran down my spine.  He tried to kill my friends, not me, because I was two meters away.  The scary guy put the knife in front of my friends’ faces.  I ran faster than the wind.  I saved them.

Suddenly my friends were cheering me.  I was over the moon with joy.  I was happy because my friends were alive.  But the scary guy was still alive.  Suddenly I heard a familiar voice.  It was my sister.  I woke up and I realised that it was a night mare.  

Neil Micallef


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