A Wonderful Present – Matthew Schembri

On January, the 17th, I received a wonderful present.  I was given this present because it was my birthday.  I fainted when I saw an XBOX 360 kinect. 

I was sleeping on my cosy bed when all of a sudden, I heard a creak.  I saw someone running away.  I went after the person but I trippped over something.  I got knocked out when I fell.  When I woke up I opened the weird box.  My eyes were wide open.  I thought it was a jack in the box but it wasn’t.  It was an XBOX 360 kinect.  I jumped over the roof with happiness.  It was black.  I thanked my family.

Now I’m all the time playing on it.  I play five hours everyday and my eyes turn red.  I love this present because there are many awesome XND on it.  


Matthew Schembri


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