Tomorrow ..

Please get a cereal box with you.  You need half of it .. but you can get the whole box and share it with a friend.  If you have an extra box, kindly get it with you to share with others.. since I don’t have any left.  I gave you all the boxes I had when we did the scarecrows.  Thanks


2 comments on “Tomorrow ..

  1. A walk in the country side

    Last Monday,my family,my best friend and I went to the country side.We went to busket.It was sunny.

    My mum and dad prepared food and drinks.I saw a flower.tall trees and wonderfull birds.We stopped to have a snack.My best friend Jamie said that this was the best day of his life.Then the sky became clever and it was even hotter.My best friend and I played catch,and i was over the moon with joy.It was time to go back home.My family took my best friend at home.Then we went home I felt happy.

  2. Last Saturday,I went on an outing with the altarboys.We went to Ta’ Qali by bus.It was but it was cold
    My mum prepared me lunch,drinks,some candy and a jacket.Some children got their dogs and I wished I took mine too!We stopped for a snack because we were hungry running here and there.After a while we returned to play.I tripped over a chest and then I opened it.It was full of gold!I took the gold and put it in my wallet!
    At three o’clock,we went home.It was a wonderful day!I can’t wait for the next day as I’m going to Ta’ Qali again.I was over the moon with joy!

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