The Magic Pen – Neil Micallef

My mum gave me some money and she told me to buy something to use at school.  I bought a pen.  Then I went to school and the teacher gave us a lot of work to do.  I was sad and then I started to write with the pen.  It wrote all the classwork on its own.  I was over the moon with joy.

It is black and white.  The pen writes beautifully.  Once, my mum was washing the plates.  I crept into the room and then, I ran.  My mum wanted to know what I was doing.  I just told her that I was playing.  But in reality, my pen was writing.

I use my magic pen to do all my homework.  I love my magic pen because I’m relaxed while the magic pen works for me.

Neil Micallef


One comment on “The Magic Pen – Neil Micallef

  1. The Magic Pen
    I stole a pen from my best friend Neil!When I wished somthing,it came true!I wished that Neil wouldn’t know I stole it.
    The pen is red,blue,green,white and green.When someone says class/home work,it writes for me.It is twenty centimeters long.I have a secret lair and I hide it there in a safe.I feel over the moon with joy when I use it.Last time l used it,the pen tranformed me into a robot.
    I use it to make bodyguards too!I love the way it makes me feel happy.I love my magic pen that I stole!

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