At the funfair – Matthew Schembri

My friend Neil had a birthday party at the funfair.  I was invited.  Some of my friends were there.  I accepted immediately.

First we went to the Haunted House Labyrinth.  They made a projector to show a ghost.  Jamie was so afraid that he ran faster than a car.  We got stuck in five dead ends.  Last we got to the canoeing event.  I got first.  Everyone was tired because they rafted fast.  We went to the snackbar for a snack.  Jethro threw a banana and Leander slipped on it.  Then we sat on a bench to talk about the rides.  Jamie was the only one who was afraid.  All of a sudden, a baby dropped his ice-cream so I gave him mine.

It was time to go home.  We didn’t want to leave but we had to!  It was the best day ever, except for Jamie!

Matthew Schembri


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