2nd March, 2012

1.  Maths – Booklet p. 70, 71

2.  Eng – Prac Book p. 38, 39, 40

3.  Malti – Ho sms (on it)

4.  Project book – Copy the story of the funfair and draw/find pictures.

5.  Art competition (get the sketch on Monday)


One comment on “2nd March, 2012

  1. 1 st march,2012
    At the funfair
    Last Sunday,my family and I decided the funfair for my birthday.I went with my mum,dad and brother.I fell very happy when my mum gave me the ticket.I was over the moon.
    I saw the bumping cars,a roller coster,the water ride and a bucing horse.I liked the bumping cars beast becuase I liked it and it was very fun.I was not afraid of anything.I tried the bumping cars. I was hungry and my dad bought me a burger with chips.
    My mum teld me that it was time to go home.It was seven pm.I told my mum that it was a beautiful day.

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