7th December, 2011

Homework for MONDAY

1.  Maths – Booklet p. 50 and p. 52  

2.  Eng – Practice Book p. 35, 36, 37  

3.  Eng – handout (on it)  

4.  Malti – Analiżi ta’ ktieb  

5.  Project book – Copy “A new christmas tree”  and stick the pictures which I have given you  


–  Small bag with lunch and drink  

–  Wear uniform  

–  Get craft things (antaccoli, stickers, glitters,etc)  and get your plasticine with you.  We will leave them in class and use them after the outing.  


2 comments on “7th December, 2011

  1. 6th December,2011

    THE new Christmas
    Today tis Saturday Christmas is approaching. My mather and my father tells me that Today we are going to buy a new Christmas tree.Weare going at four o’clock in the evening. Iam very happy because it is four o’clock finelly.My family and Ichoose the largest and the most beautiful tree.We put the Christmas tree in the car. My mum and my father put the Christmas tree in the pot. We get the decorations for the tree.Mum says that we are finelly ready with the Christmas tree. Iam very very happy. Ilove the Christmas tree.

    • It was four days before Christmas and we needed a new Christmas tree.My family and I went to choose one.There were so many trees but we picked the best oneWe bought the Christmas tree.We put the tree in our car.I was over the moon with joy.We put the tree in the pot so that it wouldn’t fall.It was in the biggest room in our house!We decorated it with light,balls,bells and some Christmas toys.We were finally ready and we were so proud of our work.

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