L-ewwel ġurnata tan-Novena

Prosit ħafna tan-novena.  Vera kontu bravi  u ħelwin tiżfnu u tkantaw flimkien.  Prosit.  Hawnhekk għandkom issibu l-vidjow ħalli taraw lilkom infuskom u ħalli jarawkom il-ġenituri tagħkom.  Grazzi speċjali tmur għal Mr. Attard talli għena fiż-żifna waqt il-lezzjonijiet tad-drama. 


4 comments on “L-ewwel ġurnata tan-Novena

  1. A BIG well done to all the children of Year 4.1 for a great performance.

    Thank you Ms Sultana for going to the effort of putting up this clip. The second best thing to not being there.

  2. A very big thank you to Ms.Sultana and the LSA Ms.Formosa for starting up the Christmas novena with a great performance.Nice choice of song,well done to all the pupils and once again thanks for your concern MS.SULTANA.Keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you sooooooo much 🙂 It’s my pleasure and the positive feedback from the parents helps me to continue improving the blog … As you know, these really take a lot of time (editing and uploading it) and so, knowing that a good number of parents are enjoying themselves watching them, gives me the pleasure to keep doing them 🙂 And thanks to Mr. Attard for the help he’s given me with the dance movements as well 🙂

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