25th November, 2011

1.  Maths -Booklet p. 36, 38, 39 (CW – 40, 41, 43)

2.   Eng – Practice Book p. 29, 30, 31 

3.  Project book – copy story (robbery) and find pictures/draw (year4stories@gmail.com

4.  Malti – Analizi tal-ktieb 

5. Outing – 9th December


One comment on “25th November, 2011

  1. 25thNovember,2011
    A robbery
    Last Saturday evening three robbers came to my house.I was goning to sleep in my bed. I heard a Knock on the door, Iwas in my bedroom,My motherand my were in the kichen.

    I was dreaming. It was a very Sweet dream.The three robbers came and then I lockedmy bedroom. Shivers ran down my spine and my heart missed a beat.The robbers were wearing black clothes.The robbers heed a gun. The robbers stale all my money.

    I called the policeman and the policeman gave me aroword of 100euro for helping them to catch these there robbers.

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