Write a letter to your best friend to tell him/her about you after you have moved to a new house. – Kylie Zammit

45, No3, Michael Flats,
Dragon Street,

Q.R.M 2842
10th November,2011

Dear Ileah Kay,
                            How are you?  I hope that this letter finds you well.  In this letter, I want to tell you everything about my new house.  My new house is in Qormi.  I have eight rooms. I have two sitting rooms, a kitchen, a box room, a bathroom, two bedrooms and a playroom.  Their colours are white, blue and pink.  My favourite room is the playroom because there I play basketball.  I miss my grandma because I used to live with her.  I love my new neighbour because she comes with me to my new school.  Ileah Kay, please come to my house and play with the toys.  I would love this day because we would meet again.

Love from,


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