November Tests

Kindly note that on the following days, I will be doing the November tests so that I can assess the children’s learning and progress.

Monday 21st November – Maths Test

Tuesday 22nd November – English Test

Wednesday 23rd November – Religion Test

Thursday 24th November – Maltese Test

Friday 25th November – Social Studies Test

Feedback about these tests will be given to you during the Parents’ Evening which will be held on the 30th of November.  


One comment on “November Tests

  1. 10the november,2011
    Write a letter to our beast friend to tell him/her after you home moved to a new houes.
    45,no3,Michael flats
    sreet dragon
    Qormi Q.R.M 2842
    10 th november,2011
    Dear Ileahkay
    How are you?I hope that this letter finds you well.In this letter,I want to tell you everything about my new house My new house is in Qormi. I have eight rooms. I have two sitting rooms,a kitchen ,a box room,a bathroom,twobedrooms and a playroom. Their colours are white, blue and pink.My fourite room is the playroom because there I play basketball.I miss my garndma because I used to live with her.I love my neighbours comes with me to my new school. Ileahkay,please come to my house and play with the toys. I would love this day.because we would meat gain.
    love from,

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