The Parrot – Nicole Agius

One day, there were two children.  Their names were Stephen and Janot.  They were happily playing football.   These children were in the front garden of their grandma’s house.


In the house, near the window, she had a colourful parrot inside a cage.  Stephen and Janot hit the window and broke the glass with the ball.  The parrot flew away. The children ran after the parrot.  The parrot flew in the tree.  Fortunately, the children caught the parrot.  Grandma was very happy to see the parrot because the children gave her back the parrot.  When they showed her the broken window, she was very angry at the children.


The children were afraid and shivers ran down their spines.  The children ran very fast because grandma started running after them with her walking stick.

Nicole Agius


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